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Jan 21, 2013 4:30am EST
been done that i wasn't quite sure about. you sound like murray. do i? he's always banging on about how we should overhaul this or overhaul that. nothing's ever right for him. well, then i hesitate to say it... come on, we should let them get in here. we can talk about it another time if you really want to. these came for you, bates. when? when did they come? they came when you were out of favor. now you're in favor again. why? what have i done? just watch out for mr. durrant. you're not a favorite with him. (door locking) (sniffing) oh, my... oh! are you going to tip that over me? (laughing) i was just making myself some toast. you have to set the number on the dial and i had it up too high but i've got the hang of it now. would you like a piece? i was worried that mr. branson might take it into his head to burn the house down. but i didn't think that you would. no? you should never take anything for granted, mr. carson. (quick footsteps) no, no, no, not now! (chuckling softly) you never told me you went to those meetings. i never told you i didn't. and what else ha
Jan 22, 2013 11:00pm PST
know. do you know it would be ground hog day, that's a great movie, howard ramus and bill murray. >> rose: yes. rolling stones summed your philosophy, they said. this is the magazine. s this 1985 song that's why i'm here. fortune and pain such a curious gain, perfect stranger can call you by name. pay money to hear fire and rain again and again and again. i break into a grin are from year to year and suddenly it's perfectly clear that's why i'm here. does that speak to you? >> well yes, that's another one of those sort of self declamatory song where one is at any gin ment. that song has three verses. the first one is that one's about the audience. and you know some are like, some are coming back every year. baby in their blanket and their bucket of beer. that's my audience on the lawn in the summertime i break into a grin, etcetera. but the one before that was of song, you know, the verse about love and then the first one was about friendship. and you know so it's a song, the chorus is that's why i'm here. >> rose: it seems to me there's a theme running through your life that s
Jan 27, 2013 12:00pm PST
australian open titles. he beat andy murray in four sets. amazing. >>> president clinton said he expects football to gradually become less violent. the president tells the new republic, i'm a big football fan, but i have to tell you, if i had a son, i'd have to think long and hard before i'd let him play football. mr. obama says he's particularly concerned about college players who suffer concussions and other injuries. he's less worried about the nfl where players are grown men who are paid well. the full interview appears in the february 11th issue. >>> i'll be back in an hour with a sneak preview of some of the most talked about super bowl ads a week before they air. >>> who shot j.r.? a cliffhanger watched by millions around the world, so, how will tnt's "dallas" deal with his real death. >>> we'll have a live interview with the man who plays j.r.'s nephew. "your money" starts right now. >>> i'm ali velshi and this is "your money." even the president of iceland have spoken here this week. you're in north america, let me first focus on the ongoing political brinksmanship that threaten
Jan 21, 2013 3:35am EST
, but you must keep tom out of prison. i'll go to london today. i'll telephone murray and ask him to arrange an interview. i won't come home until i've seen shortt. thank you, i know it's right. it's right for him. cora: and for sybil and for this family. i suppose so. let me know if sybil gets in touch. she won't. she won't want to give them anything to trace her by. what a harsh world you live in. we all live in a harsh world. but at least i know i do. i see you've been working for the dowager lady anstruther? yes. but she's closed up the house and gone to live in france. she begged me to go with her but i didn't fancy it. i didn't think i'd like the food. i see. she begged you, did she? you know what women can be like. not, i suspect as well as you do. right, charlie let's get your hat on. look nice and smart. be a good boy for mummy, yeah? yeah. come on. mrs. bryant: thank you for letting us come. and why have we come? to hear more guff about a mother's love? mr. bryant that's not fair. isn't it? we know what you are now, ethel. we know how far you've fallen. i didn
Jan 25, 2013 4:00am EST
a bit of a benefit from andy murray's performance at the australian open. he's doing quite well against roger federer, i understand. >> i don't know. >> i'll try to share the play by play with you along with the play by play for the british economy. ross, since we're wrapping up davos, you've been there for ser several days now, what is the focus? is it the u.s. recovery story? is it independence, we're seeing a lot of comments from george soro soros. finally being optimism about u.s. growth prospects as the market starts to push bond yields higher. >> and that's -- you know, that's a great point, okay. and is there a risk at some point? but if they're going up for the right reason, then, you know, that's not a bad thing. it also means that that window potentially, if a private equity guys borrow it, it might be a fairly short one. so people are talking about that, kelly. let's bring in christian miser on that particular point, head of corporate global investments. kelly is raising this point about if confidence is returning, we will see yields particularly in the u.s. growth maintains
FOX News
Jan 25, 2013 8:00am PST
. it is expected that patty murray's idea of the budget will be quite different. but the bottom line is a lot of people who say we need the budget with this debt of $16 trillion are going, will be glad to get to the table and work on an actual budget speech you we will see how it turns out. mike emanuel, thank you very much be one a fox news weather alert. extreme winter weather is gripping parts of the south. arctic air and freezing rain expected from arkansas to the north carolina and south carolina area. dangerous driving conditions. up to a quarter inch of ice can accumulate. people in the upper midwest and northeast are wondering when the cold will end. another day of bone chilling temperatures. we have our meteorologist here with the update. thanks for joining us, janice dean. reporter: that's right, cool air as far as the midsouth. ice on the roadways, the tennessee river valley, look at all that pink on the radar. it looks pretty, but it's not nice to drive in. north of that area is snow. it was is not a blockbuster event, but we could get one to 4 inches of snow across the ohio river
Jan 23, 2013 9:00am EST
murray, the chairman of the senate budget committee is saying, oh, trust us, we're going to pass a budget. chuck schumer this weekend says, trust us, we're going to pass a budget. they haven't passed a budget in the last four years. so this bill today moving out of the house will force the senate to act, which is something they have not done in the past four years. >> right. finally, congressman, for the most conservative republicans who say even a three-month extension to may 19th is wrong, are you trying to back them off of that ledge and say we need to speak with a unified voice and at least get this done even if it is a short term? >> yeah. look, i think the reason why jim jordan, the former chairman of the roc, the current chairman of the roc, the republican study committee that's the most conservative members of the republican chamber, they have all endorsed this because they realize that if you really want to fix the debt, if you really want to cut spending, you have got to do big things. it can't just be little cuts here and there. so they agree with the strategy here, which is re
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)